Vibraphone (YVRD2700G ) - 3 Octave (Available August 2021)

Vibraphone (YVRD2700G ) - 3 Octave (Available August 2021)

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The YV-2700 is available with gold resonators and glossy gold bars for a bright, projecting sound (YV-2700G), and with silver resonators and silver satin finish bars for a mellower, focused sound (YV-2700). A height-adjustable frame with dual, parallel crossbars ensures stability during play and transport.

Shipping not available. Pick-up only. Please contact Nick Putnam before purchasing. See contact information below.


Year: 2020

Model: YV-2700G with glossy gold bars

Range: 3 Octave; F33-F69

Bars: Yamaha exclusive aluminum alloy; gold, glossy finish

Bar Sizes: Graduating from 1 1/2" - 2 1/4" x 1/2"

Resonators: Gold Finish

Height Adjustable: Height adjustable frame from 31 7/8" to 35"

Pitch: A=442HZ

Weight: 114 1/2 lbs

Pedal: Swivel; oversized.


For further information, contact:

Nick Putnam

Development Director