MSAA Mad Dash Microthon

MSAA Mad Dash Microthon

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The 1st Annual MSAA Mad Dash Microthon will be held at the Drums on Parade Alumni Tailgate on Saturday, 1 July 2023, in Middleton, Wisconsin.

What is the MSAA Mad Dash Microthon?

Call us crazy. Maybe we're addicted to the runner's high. Perhaps we are just ready to get out of the house for an outdoor drum corps social activity. Whatever the reason, the MSAA Mad Dash Microthon is here, and we can't emphasize this enough: START TRAINING RIGHT NOW.  Go ahead and start carbo-loading today!

The MSAA Mad Dash Microthon is the most (the only?) prestigious event for the least elite, non-athlete, and/or Madison Scout fan. Put on your numbered bib (just like the real racers!) and run, walk, crawl, skip, roll - whatever it takes to get across the 0.1K tailgate from the brat stand to the beer stand and claim your coveted Finisher's Medal (aka bottle opener) and oval "0.1K" sticker to let other drivers know "Hey, I'm better than you!”.

Your $30 entry fee to register for the MSAA Mad Dash Microthon goes into the C.H. Beebe Scholarship Fund, which will be used to provide tuition grants for members of the Madison Scouts.

0.1K too far for you? Would you consider 38.3 feet? No? Oh well, then the Slacker's Package is for you. You get all the swag and none of the sweat. Sure, it's double the price at $60, but if we know you, you'll pay anything not to have to run – plus, you know it supports the C.H. Beebe Scholarship Fund and the Madison Scouts.