Black Star Drum Academy Tuition

Black Star Drum Academy Tuition

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Black Star Drum Academy, a newly formed training program for those who aspire to join the Black Star Drum Line, is now accepting students of all skill levels for summer session in-person classes.


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Founded in 2019 by Director, Joey B. Banks, the Academy program's focus is to create a diverse, equal, and inclusive environment for all Wisconsin youth 8-18 years old to participate in the "percussive arts". Those who join the Academy will have the opportunity to take weekly, one hour (virtual) group classes for ten weeks with Madison, Wisconsin's best drummers.

Black Star Drum Academy curriculum includes:

  • Marching Drum Techniques
  • Drum Kit Ensemble & Individual Performance
  • Music Theory - Rhythm Notation
  • Team Building & Leadership
  • Scholastic Achievement
  • Career & Personal Development
  • Community Service