FREE SHIPPING when you PICK UP at the SHOW. Click here to learn more.

Show Day Pick-Up

Scouts Booth

Summer tour is in full swing and our merchandise sales have been strong. If you'll be attending a show in the future and want to guarantee we don't run out of your favorite tee or hoodie, you can order now, save on shipping, and pick-up at the show.

Just click on the city below corresponding with the show you'll be attending and when you arrive at the stadium, come visit us in our booth.  We'll have your order ready. An ID is all you'll need.

At the very end of the check out porocess, your shipping charges will be removed. If by chance the link doesn't automatically enter the code for you, you will have to enter it yourself. The code is the name of the city (for example, Zionsville, Dekalb, StLouis, Atlanta, or Indy).

All codes are valid until noon the day of the show. Any items not picked up by the last intermission will be refunded and restocked.

Follow the link to your next show and start shopping now!