DCI Southeastern Championship - Scouts VIP Block

DCI Southeastern Championship - Scouts VIP Block

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DCI Southeastern Championship
Saturday, July 27, 2019
Scouts VIP Block

The Drum Corps International Tour heads to the new Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA, for a full day of Division I competition.

  • Super Premium ($81): Section C127 (rows 23-28)
  • Super Premium ($81): Section C236 (rows 1-3)
  • Premium ($71): Section C130 (rows 26-30)

    Mercedes Benz Stadium seating chart here.

    Find complete event details here, including stadium policies.

    By purchasing your tickets through the Scouts, you are:

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    • paying the face ticket price but without the pesky Ticketmaster surcharges,
    • sit with other Scouts fans, alumni, and parents,
    • supporting the Scouts who earn a commission on each ticket sold!

    Your payment will be processed right away and the exact seat location will be allocated based on when the order was received.

    If you want to sit next to specific friends and family, the best way to ensure this arrangement is to have one person place the order.

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